The Shitbox

I’m not sure if this spot was officially called “the shitbox”.  It was only around for 15 minutes.  Seemed pretty good, indoors, out of sight, smooth ground.  Whoever owned it wanted it to become some kind of music venue but nothing was done to fix it up.  After we had been kicked out I remember a friend of mine saying he had seen a band play in there and that the french fry was still there.  Oh well at least we didn’t invest to much.

Hazard County Skatepark yet again

The Hazard footage is always piling up.  Here’s a 2 song edit with clips from a while back when Justin and Dan still lived here, and then some more recent stuff with a heavy crew of Hazard regulars.  I did a small bit of trying to get all the names correct.  I know I missed at least one, so sorry I know that’s a bummer.  Much love to Hazard, I’m sure there will be another edit soon enough.  And Happy Birthday to Eli who turns 19 today.

What Had Happened… Santi goes to war in Mableton

Santi Menendez is a fighter.  We found this car wash in Mableton with a crusty little bump up to a decent long rail.  It was shitty odd skate spot gold after a day of finding crap.  Plunkett does the front board after some work.  People with dirty cars start showing up more and more.  Nobody cared about the rail getting skated, but eventually the runway to the bump was the only available spot for cars to be washed.  Santi talked one car out of wanting the space, tho I don’t know what words were exchanged.   Watching this edit might be exhausting but that’s what I want to show about Santi’s perseverance.  It was July with lurkers everywhere, but the man must have his victory.